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WordPress Now Powers 39.5% of Websites on the Internet

The WordPress CMS now powers the 39.5% of websites on the internet. This according to the website W3 Techs, which scans the web to understand what technologies each website uses and publishes that data. Wow, WordPress is starting the year off on a strong note. Just last month at State of the Word 2020 the CEO of Automattic CEO and co-founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg announced that the platform was powering 39% of the web. The new data shows that since October of last year, just 3 short months, WordPress’ pressence grew by 1.5%.
top cmses on the web january 2021
Excerpt from chart by W3 Techs showing the top CMSes on the internet in January 2021. View the Full Chart
WordPress now ranks above HTML based websites and “None”, a category which means the service was unable to detect what CMS a website used. The next closest CMS on this most recent list is Shopify which powers 3.2% of websites followed by Joomla which powers 2.2% of websites.

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